International Art and Performance Festival

Inspired by United Nation Sustainable Development Goal number 5 “Gender equality”


Executive Summary

Karise Efterskole is happy to invite our special Erasmus+ partners to the first International Art and Performance Festival. It will happen may 21th. til may 24th. 2024. This festival is all about bringing young people from Europe together to understand each other's cultures better. We'll use theater and performance to help make that happen, all with the bigger goal of gender equality, which is a part of the UN SDG 5.

Our school is a leader in special education and is a certified member of the Erasmus School Network (EPAS). That makes us a great place for people to come together, share ideas, and learn about the arts in an open and welcoming way. This festival is our way of helping to open our students' and visitors' minds to different cultures and stories from around the world, all while working towards a world where everyone, regardless of their gender, is treated equally.



Bridging Cultures Through Art

Goals and Objectives

To create a platform where young individuals can express themselves, learn, and interact through the medium of art and performance, embodying the essence of UN Goal 5.

To foster a sense of community and shared experience among participants from diverse cultural backgrounds, promoting gender equality and inclusivity.

To enrich the educational journey of students by integrating the European cultural heritage and modern collaborative practices in a fun and engaging way, aligning with the principles of gender equality and empowerment as outlined in UN Goal 5.



Students with special learning needs from Karise Efterskole and other participating schools across Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Educators and performers who will guide the participants in exploring various facets of theater and performance.

Erasmus+ partner institutions and their respective representatives.


Festival Overview:

The festival will last a week and be full of different activities. It starts with training sessions, followed by rehearsals for participants to improve their skills. Throughout the week, there will be workshops for learning and creativity, leading to performances done together that show the spirit of unity. Participants can choose to join for the whole week or just specific days, showing the festival's values of flexibility and inclusiveness. The highlight of the week will be the final event, where all the hard work and talents come together in a big, shared masterpiece created by everyone involved.


Core Activities:

Workshops and Training: Conducted by experienced educators and performers, these sessions will cover various aspects of theater, performance, and art expression.

Collaborative Rehearsals: Participants will work together in mixed groups to rehearse and prepare for the final event.

Interactive Happenings: Engaging activities that encourage participants to interact, learn from each other, and explore the various cultural nuances through art and performance.

Creativity and improvisation sessions to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art and each other's cultural backgrounds.


Evaluation and Reflection:

Feedback sessions and discussions to reflect on the experiences, learnings, and the impact of the festival on personal and communal levels.

An evaluation mechanism to gather insights and suggestions for the future iterations of the festival.



The festival holds great importance in promoting an understanding between different cultures. It is all about understanding each other better, all while shining a light on gender equality, which is what UN SDG 5 stands for. Through acting and performing together, we not only celebrate our love for art and performance but also learn about and appreciate our diverse cultures. Through this festival, every interaction, every shared laugh, and every performance is a step closer to a more inclusive and understanding global community.

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